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Advice on Midges

Midges are very much seasonal, weather and time dependent, and are as a general rule of thumb are more active during summer months at dawn and dusk. They generally prefer, damp, wet, rainy, still days. So if it is too hot, or there is any kind of breeze or light wind then they will not be around as much. 

How do I deal with them?

There are a great many things you can do to make your time in the Highlands, less about midges and more about adventures, exploring, having fun and relaxing.

  • Check the Midge Forecast 

  • Make sure you wear long sleeved tops and trousers; any bare skin is likely to get bitten. So covering up is a good line of defense.

  • Wear light-coloured clothing as dark-coloured clothing can attract them to you.

  • Buy a repellent before you leave, Smidge is a well-known brand that works very well and some people find that Avon Skin So Soft Dry Body Oil is a good repellent to midges. Alternatively we do sell Smidge on-site in the shop if you forget to buy any beforehand.

  • Buy a midge net for your face, if you forget we sell these too

  • Smoke from the campfire can help as they cannot penetrate through the smoke cloud, so getting a camp-fire going can not only be a nice place to congregate and chat with other campers, but it can provide cheer as well as repelling midges.


If you do get bitten you will need some form of after bite care, something to soothe the itch, there are many products on the market as creams, or liquid in pen shaped containers. We again sell these in the shop, if you’ve forgotten to purchase any.

Failing all that, the plan can always be to go find a nice pub for a meal and or a drink and hide-away.


What we do here to help keep midges to a minimum?

We try our upmost to keep the undergrowth where they like to live to a minimum; we have tried to create a natural  corridor through the woodland for a breeze to penetrate through more easily and removed a few trees to help with this. We also have a midge machine on site which attracts and kills them, and we have a great population of swifts who nest here over Summer to feast on the midges.

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