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Perfect Paw Policy

Below are a few Perfect Paw guidelines to ensure all dogs that come here to visit can equally enjoy their holiday.

  • We ask that all dogs be kept on a lead.  Also, as dogs like to wander and explore and as we have open gates to a busy main road it ensures their safety and eases our worries.


  • We ask that all owners clear up after their dog.


  • We have a minimum policy of 2 dogs in our glamping units and we cannot exceed this.


  • Under no circumstances can your dog be left unattended in the units while you go out.


  • Your dogs are of course very welcome to sleep/snore beside you in the units with you, please bring your own dog beds with you. But we do ask that you try to keep them of the beds; we know how much they like their creature comforts.


  • We do provide water bowls and a welcome pack for your pets.


  • We have on-site secure dog walking at the back of the campsite, which leads you up through the woodland (500 m) up to the Great Glen Way hiking trail. There are gorgeous views and panoramas in both directions; simply by turning right and walking for about 20 minutes or by turning left and walking for about 40-45 minutes. You cannot miss the walk back down to the campsite as there are signs at the junction. If however you wanted to walk further than this, you can reach the village of Invermoriston 2 miles by turning right along the trail and/or Fort Augustus by turning left and walking 4 miles along the trail.

  • Due to the Highland environment and walking/sniffing places for dogs in the surrounding area, long grasses and bracken can be a hiding place for Ticks. Please ensure you check your dog’s coat and yourselves for them. We have tick removers on site that you can borrow, or alternatively make sure to buy some before you visit. Ticks can cause Lyme disease in humans.

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