Booking Terms & Conditions

All stays in our glamping units require a £40.00 refundable damage deposit, which is payable upon arrival. This ensures the safe return of the key to us on checkout, and that the below checking out procedure has been completed by guests. A member of staff will then check the unit before your departure and refund you after this has been completed.

Our units are cleaned to a high standard so we therefore ask that you take care to keep the contents and the units themselves in good condition.

All our units are Non-smoking (You are welcome to smoke outside away from the units and other guests. but please do not leave cigarette ends on the grounds).

Please do not use any candles inside any of our units.

If anything breaks or damages occur please inform us straight away so that we can replace the item, we do however reserve the right to charge for breakages, any damage and/or repairs.

The Glamping Site are not liable for refunds or expenses you incur in the event they are prevented from fulfilling your Booking as a result of circumstances beyond their control. Such circumstances shall include (but not be limited to) war, terrorism, riots or civil unrest, industrial action, flooding, natural disaster, epidemics, health risks or such similar events ("Force Majeure"). We recommend that you have adequate holiday insurance in place to cover this.

Checking out procedure:

Please ensure you take all your items with you. Items left behind that require posting on will require postage payment.

We expect the following procedure to be completed upon checking out, or we reserve the right to charge for failure/inadequacey to do so.

  • All kitchen items that have been used, to be washed up, dried up and put away

  • The rubbish and recycling to have been emptied from the units and placed in the appropriate bins

  • Access into the units left clear and if used the trundle bed tucked neatly back

  • Log burners extinguished by closing of all vents, and the ash from the metal gathering tray inside cleared away

Loss, Damages or Injury

Inver Coille takes no responsibility for loss, damage, or injury to you or any of your booking group or your property.

We have CCTV in operation in our reception, shop and some of our car parking areas



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